School/College Management System


School Management System (SMS) is designed for serving educational organizations. It is easy to install, learn and maintain. SMS is a total School Administration Solution flexible enough to support your unique needs with user-defined data and built-in report/forms writers. Install as a multi-user network and connect web portals to the central database. Now Administrators, Teachers and Parents can connect in a seamless, real-time environment that's as simple. The SMS is 100% web-based application software and has polished looks, a great deal of required functionality and appears to be easy to use. The SMS is written in the SQL, PL/SQL programming language and uses the ORACLE database to store information. The SMS is developed and maintained by IT TEAM of GLOBAL SOFT ZONE.

Product Details
Title School/College Management System
Training Fees ৳ 3,000.00
Installment Charge ৳ 12,000.00
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Module of the software 
  1. Admissions Management
  2. Student Database
  3. Academic Reporting
  4. Financial Management
  5. Faculty
  6. Staff Management
  7. HRMS
  8. Payroll
  9. Event Calendar
  10. Attendance

Module wise Admissions Management
  1. New students admission
  2. Old students readmission

Students Database
  1. Students personal information
  2. Students Academic information
  3. Students Contact information
  4. Find a previous Student information

Academic Reporting
  1. Exam Result
  2. Student Status
  3. Making Routine
  4. ID card Generation
  5. Testimonial
  6. TC

Financial Management
  1. Students Fee collection
  2. Requisition
  3. Institutional Cost
  4. Institutional Income

Leave And Attendance Management
  1. Configure business rules for leave, attendance etc.
  2. Interface with any attendance machine (Bio-metrics, Punch Card, etc.)
  3. Holiday and Weekly off management with employee facility
  4. Leave management with application and approval
  5. Advance leave application and approval
  6. Year end process for leave transfer
  7. Manual entry and corrections.
  8. Multiple approval of leave, advance leave etc. for HR department
  9. Attendance run and authorization for locking the monthly attendance
  10. MIS Reports (attendance reports, leave, advance leave, annual, monthly and daily attendance reports and other useful reports.)
Module: Payroll Management
  1. Define pay elements
  2. Define multipart formulas for pay elements
  3. Design pay structure for employees
  4. Assign pay structure to employees with different pay modes like Bank transfer , Cash ,Cheque etc
  5. Provident fund
  6. Leave travel allowance ( LTA)
  7. Pay Group for different pay run
  8. Leave encashment based on pay elements
  9. Loans and advance with automated recovery feature.
  10. Bonus feature for any pay elements.
  11. Professional tax with professional tax group based on different states
  12. Labor Welfare Fund ( LWF)
  13. Gratuity
  14. Pay slip message
  15. Pay run and authorization for locking the payroll for particular month
  16. Pay adjustment for particular month with addition, subtraction, replacing and assigning new elements for any employee.
  17. Check list for errors and warnings generated during pay run.
  18. Stop payment and release payment feature
  19. Pay structure revision and authorization for confirmation.
  20. Bonus calculation and authorization with separate pay slip feature
  21. Full and final settlement procedure
  22. Reimbursement calculation and authorization based on bill submission and special reimbursement slip generation as well.

Organization Change
  1. Employee transfer
  2. Employee resignation
  3. Employee termination
  4. Employee promotion
  5. Employee reporting structure change
  6. MIS reports and changes may come as per requirement

Letter Generation
  1. Define templates for HR letters
  2. Generate HR letter from templates
MIS Reports
  1. Provident fund monthly reports
  2. Income tax report
  3. Monthly pay statement with payment mode like Bank transfer, Cash, Cheque etc.
  4. Salary Register with Employee wise and department wise
  5. Monthly variance reports
  6. Register for bonus, over time, leave encashment, gratuity, GLWF, loan, advance etc.
  7. Monthly statements for bonus, leave encashment, GLWF, gratuity, loan, advance etc.
  8. Monthly pay slip for regular payroll, reimbursements, off- cycle payroll, bonus etc.
  9. Annual pay summary report
  10. Full and final settlement report
  11. Pay structure revision and comparison reports and changes may come as per requirement.
Main Advantage of the Software
Oracle Database, Menu driven Database Backup, Restore facility, Facility to set up individual login for user/Data Entry operator and their privilege (Add, Edit, Delete), Facility to Export Reports in HTML, Word, and XLS format, Facility to prepare daily report, SMS Service, Data Integration from Branch office to Head office.

Common Feature of Different Modules would be:
  1. Easy Learning and Easy Configuration Windows interface, Easy terminology, Menu-driven and, speedily navigable
  2. Superior Performance for Standalone, Network Version & On-Line Version Fully Network compatible and can be accessed from different workstations connected in LAN/WAN or VPN. You can access software any browser (Like: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  3. . User Access Control Strict user access control is available. Each module can be finely configured to each user’s rights
  4. Secured Data Backup and Restore Facility Just one keystroke to make or get back a secured backup of done works Using Technology: Back-end: Oracle, Front-end: Oracle Forms, Oracle Report & Java.
All these would be addressed for:
Real-time update information on all transactions
Hassle free reporting
Complete information from start to end cycle
Greater visibility at every level of operation
Better utilization of resource
Complete data integrity

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