Pharmacy Billing


Trading Medicine or Pharmacy Business is quite different from all the types of trading activity. For prevention and treatment of various persistently increasing diseases, domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies have many kinds of medicines. Different companies produce same medicines with varieties of different trade names. Again, there are different formulations in same medicine such as Tablets, Capsules, Syrup/Suspension, Injection, Ointment, Cream, Sachet, Suppository etc. Pharmacy of Drugstore has to buy medicine in boxes or cartons from those companies and sell those according to doctor’s prescription where several kinds of drugs are mentioned in different quantity. These different quantities again depend on medicine dose and consuming period. For example: one medicine 3 times a day for 7 days, total number of medicine needed as 21 and 15 for 5 days. So, these medicines purchased in box or cartoon has to sell as retail.

Product Details
Title Pharmacy Billing
Training Fees ৳ 3,000.00
Installment Charge ৳ 12,000.00
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Basic Feature 
It is really difficult to maintain accounts and inventory of hundreds of company’s thousands of medicines. It’s more difficult to find and remove short-term and expired medicines from inventory. Pharmacy owners face difficulties to order medicines everyday because of not knowing exact medicine stock and as a result, they make orders on assumption. Having uncommon or less-demand medicines on stock and thinking they don’t have any; sometime customers don’t get medicines if the salesman is not experienced. At the end of the day, it’s really impossible to calculate accounts and stock due to retail sale of medicines. However, medium or large-sized pharmacy business owners have no choice but to rely on their employees and when the question is about honesty of employees, with a confusion of trust-distrust, owner runs his business. About 23,000 medicine’s Name of 210 Medicine Company’s, Medicine Unit (Multiple Unit Box/ Carton and Piece), Formulations, Purchase Price, Selling Price etc. have been inserted in the software as built-in facility. For ease of use, creation of sales staff ID/password, restriction in bill delete, arrangements to return sold medicine, maintaining accounts according to the stock at the end of the day, order medicines according to automatically generated stock reports, has been kept in the software. 

Main Advantage of the Software
Oracle Database, Menu driven Database Backup, Restore facility, Facility to set up individual login for user/Data Entry operator and their privilege (Add, Edit, Delete), Facility to Export Reports in HTML, Word, and XLS format, Facility to prepare daily report, SMS Service, Data Integration from Branch office to Head office. 

Common Feature of Different Modules would be:
  1. Easy Learning and Easy Configuration Windows interface, Easy terminology, Menu-driven and, speedily navigable
  2. Superior Performance for Standalone, Network Version & On-Line Version Fully Network compatible and can be accessed from different workstations connected in LAN/WAN or VPN. You can access software any browser (Like: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  3. . User Access Control Strict user access control is available. Each module can be finely configured to each user’s rights
  4. Secured Data Backup and Restore Facility Just one keystroke to make or get back a secured backup of done works Using Technology: Back-end: Oracle, Front-end: Oracle Forms, Oracle Report & Java.
All these would be addressed for:
Real-time update information on all transactions
Hassle free reporting
Complete information from start to end cycle
Greater visibility at every level of operation
Better utilization of resource
Complete data integrity

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