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GSZ SMS Mobile App
GSZ SMS Mobile App
GSZ SMS Mobile App
School Management System App


Old tradition method of pen paper are time-consuming, nowadays everything is possible through fingers in a few seconds. This school management software is easy to use, less time consuming and eco-friendly.

Easy data retrievable

It is a complete cloud-based school management system that automates the routine tasks for a teacher and enables communication between teacher and Students/parents.

Easy mode of communication

In spite of the fact that school management software is about administration, yet it can make it easy to communicate with the parents, guardians, students.This is all possible with the help of school app which is a part of school management software.


Being an owner of a school you would be aware of a large number of queries from parents. So this school app was developed for better communication with easy to use tools for both parents and students.

Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop
GSZ Business Information Apps

Why Apps For Your Business?

With the advancement of technology and ever the expanding reach of the internet, businesses are finding it difficult to address the grievances of their customers in real-time, and meet their towering expectations. It's critical for businesses to provide high quality services in a quick turnaround time; multi-tasking of operations is the way to go, and mobile apps are helping business do that.

With app, businesses are now able to provide better results in an extremely efficient manner. With tons of android business applications available in the play store, business owners are spoilt for choice, and get confused deciding which app will best suit their business needs. To solve this doubt we have developed a list of business android apps which can be used by organizations for their daily operations.

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Point of sale (POS)

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Your Cloud

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