GSZ® Mobile Apps

Your Business on Mobile

GSZ® Mobile Apps technology allows people to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. Whether your staff are travelling to meetings, out on sales calls, working from a client's site or from home anywhere on the globe, mobile devices can help them keep in touch, be productive, and make use of company resources.

GSZ Mobile Apps

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GSZ® Mobile Apps features

  • Convert your existing printed product brochures into electronic brochures.
  • Flip through the brochures using swipe gestures.
  • Tap on products in the brochure to see more details.
  • Add items to an order from within the brochure.
  • Create a new quote or order whilst onsite with your customers.
  • Add items to the quote or order by browsing the product catalogue.
  • Send PDF quotes to your customer for approval.
  • All changes to contact information get synced to all other mobile devices
  • Send PDF orders to your office for processing.
  • Let customers browse the catalogue and self-order.
  • Full order history is stored for all customers.
  • Manage all your customer information in one shared database.
  • Update the account and contact info from any mobile device.
  • Allocate accounts to specific sales agents.
  • All change are immediately visible on all devices the next time they sync.
  • Import from Excel using our fast product import tool.

  • GSZ® Mobile Apps, The Onsight mobile sales app helps save costs by eliminating paper processes; helps improve
    sales by speeding up the ordering process; lets you showcase your product catalogue; and helps you track and manage your sales process.

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